Programme Outcomes

Programme Outcomes (PO),(PSO),CO

Programme Outcomes:

Kokrajhar Govt. College is affiliated to Bodoland University, Kokrajhar and follows the curricula prescribed by the University. The College has clearly stated the Programme Outcome, Programme Specific Outcome and Course Outcome of all the programmes and courses.

Programme Outcomes: B.Sc.

After completing B.Sc., the students are expected to acquire:
  • The Knowledge with facts and figures related to multiple subjects in pure sciences.
  • To understand the basic concepts, fundamental, principles, and the scientific theories related to various scientific phenomena and their applicability in the day-to-day life.
  • The skills in handling scientific instruments properly to independently set up experiments and perform the required experiments.
  • The skills of observations and drawing logical inferences from the scientific experiments.
  • To analyse the given scientific data both qualitatively and quantitatively to fulfil the objectives and to enter the conclusions.
  • To think creatively and innovatively to propose novel ideas.
  • To realize how interdisciplinary approach helps in providing better solutions and new ideas for the sustainable development.
  • To be able to work in a group in a systematic manner.
  • Develop scientific outlook not only with respect to science subjects but also in all aspects related to life skills.
  • Imbibe ethical, moral and social values in personal and social life leading to highly cultured, matured and civilized personality.
  • Develop various communication skills such as reading, listening, speaking, etc, which will help in expressing ideas and views unambiguously.
  • To realise that pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong activity and in combination with untiring efforts and positive attitude that can lead towards a successful life.
  • Develop flair by participating in various social, cultural and group activities voluntarily, in order to spread knowledge, creating awareness and change the mindset about social evils, blind faith, black magic, etc.

Programme Outcomes: B.A.

After completing B.Sc., the students are expected to acquire:
  • Acquire knowledge with facts and figures concerned with the subjects such as History, Geography, Economics, Languages, etc.
  • Understand the basic concepts, fundamental principles, and various theories in the above-mentioned subjects.
  • Realize the importance of literature in terms of aesthetic, mental, moral, intellectual development of an individual and accordingly of the society.
  • Understand how issues in the social science get influenced by the literature and how the literature can provide solutions to the social issues.
  • Gain the analytical ability to analyse the literature and social issues to appreciate the strength and to suggest the improvements for better results.
  • Appreciate that social issues are no longer permanent and largely depend on the political and the economical changes.
  • Convince himself/herself that the study of literature and social sciences are not only helpful to evolve better individual and better society but are also helpful to make the life of an individual happier and more meaningful.
  • Participate in various social and cultural activities voluntarily.
  • Write articles, novels, stories to spread the messages of equality, nationality, social harmony and other human values.
  • Emerge as a multifaceted personality who is self-independent; earning one’s own bread and butter and also creating opportunities to do so.
  • Realize that the pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong process and one can achieve the success only with untiring efforts and positive mindset.
  • Develop various communication skills such as reading, listing, speaking, etc., which will be helpful in expressing ideas and views clearly and effectively.
  • Represent ‘Humanity at its Best’ wherever they go as employee, employer, entrepreneur, entertainer, player., etc, as individuals.

Programme Outcome, Programme Specific Outcome, Course Outcome (PO, PSO, CO)