Certificate Courses

Certificate course in Mass Communication & Journalism

 A special certificate course in Mass Communication will be conducted by Kokrajhar Govt. College from 15th March, 2023. Interested students are invited to apply immediately as the seat capacity is 15 only.
NB: The course fee of the above-mentioned Certificate Course is Rs. 500/- (Rs. five hundred only) as Tuition Fee. Applicants should contact IQAC to pay the fees. The course is of 30 contact hours and will be completed within 15 working days.

**To apply please click the following link or Scan QR and fill-up the required fields:

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Certificate Courses

Sl. NoName of the Certificate Courses
1✅Certificate Course in Assamese
2✅Certificate Course in Manuscript Preparation
3✅Certificate Course in Bodo
4✅Certificate Course in Material Culture of Bodos
5✅Certificate Course in Bodo Creative Writing
6✅Certificate Course in Traditional Bodo Medichine
7✅Certificate Course in Horticulture
8✅Certificate Course in Candle Making
9✅Certificate Course in Soap Making
10✅Certificate Course in Computer Application
11✅Certificate Course in Stress Management
12✅Certificate Course in Teacher Eligibility Test
13✅Certificate Course in Business Communication
14✅Certificate Course in Creative Writing in English
15✅Certificate Course in Translation Studies
16✅Certificate Course in Photography
17✅Certificate Course in French
18✅Certificate Course in Tourism
19✅Certificate Course in Basic in HTML
20✅Certificate Course in Basic of MS Office
21✅Certificate Course in Programming in C
22✅Certificate Course in Use of MS-Excel in Data Analysis
23✅Certificate Course in Yoga
24✅Certificate Course in Electrical Wiring
25✅Certificate Course in Sericulture
26✅Certificate Course in Nutrition and Health
27✅Certificate Course in Bioinformatics
28✅Certificate Course on Panchayati Raj and Rural development
29✅Certificate Course on Human Rights
30✅Certificate Course in Basics of Big Data
31✅Certificate Course in Awareness on Cyber Crime & Security
32✅Certificate Course in Human Values & Professional Ethics
33✅Certificate Course in Personality Development
34✅Certificate Course in Art & Film Appreciation
35✅Certificate Course in Research Methodology & Data Analysis