Welcome To

Kokrajhar Government College

Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world.
It is not about a title or an arts designation to be a leader.

Welcome To

Kokrajhar Government College

Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world.
It is not about a title or an arts designation to be a leader.

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The Procedure & Policy Manual of Kokrajhar Govt. College is the guiding principle of the institution’s ambition of fulfilling its Mission & Vision.

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Considering the significance of UNIFORM DRESS CODE in maintaining the discipline and excellence of educational institutions and in promoting the spirit of congeniality


IGNOU Study Centre started at Kokrajhar Govt. College in the year of 2001 to ensure inclusive and equitable quality lifelong learning opportunities

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Kokrajhar Government College

Kokrajhar Govt. College (then Kokrajhar College) was established in 1959 at the heart of the town with a noble vision of bringing higher education to common people in general and the tribal people in particular. 

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Education is the process of learning and gaining knowledge, to develop skills and understanding about the world around us

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Kokrajhar Government College

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Dr. Dimacha D. Mwchahary

Kokrajhar Govt. College, Principal

Our Principal & Lecturer

Principal & Lecturer

 Like the beauty that emerges from the diverse colours of the rainbow Kokrajhar Government College has also an inimitable attraction for its composition of students hailing from different castes, communities, languages, religions and socio-economic backgrounds. The present mission of the college is working for the removal of the stigmatised tag “backward district” labelled to it from

the perspectives of its socio-economic, demographic and educational status. Considering our surrounding condition, we have to be proud in transforming the people of the area from the level of backwardness to advanced one, and not in improving the already

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Our Featured Courses

Our institute offers wide range of academic courses.
Below is the list of the offered course that you can take in our college.


Join us for Two-year Higher Secondary Courses in Science and Arts.


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) course is an undergraduate academic program that encompasses a broad range of liberal arts and humanities disciplines.


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) course is an undergraduate academic program that focuses on scientific and technical disciplines.

PG Arts

postgraduate Arts course refers to an advanced academic program pursued after the completion of a bachelor's degree in the arts or a related field.

PG Science

postgraduate science course refers to an advanced academic program typically pursued after completing a bachelor's degree.


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Our Achievers

From academic honors to sports victories and cultural accomplishments, they epitomize success and talent.

Mr. Charan Narzary

Felicitation to Mr. Charan Narzary on his success in the APSC Examination, 2018.

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Production Borgayari

Gold Medal Winner, All Indian Inter University archery shampionship 2021-22. Venue: Kuru Kashi University Bathinda,

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Mr. Pritam Narzary

Mr. Pritam Narzary from H.S Second Year (Science Stream) having secured the highest score in Assam in the subject English.

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