Student Festival

Bonjar Festival

Bonjar is the annual Festival of Kokrajhar Govt. College. It provides a platform for KGCians to showcase unique talents. Students from all streams join together and host this mega event.

              Multiple events under different categories are held where students can participate according to their interest.
◉ Sports
◉ Literary
◉ Debate & Symposium
◉ Music & Cultural

Pre-Bwisagu Celebration

After cold winters, the world rises to an entourage of cheers of birds and animals heralded by lively breeze blowing across slumbering landscape. Sprouting variegated foliage paints the bleak nature, dispelling the grim ambience. Harmonious tune of kham, sifung, serja and jabsring rejuvenates the world announcing the arrival of Bwisagu: the traditional New Year of the Bodos. Women folks in their traditional attires stretch out their hands and perform bagurumba. In the distant, Cuckoo conspires with nature spreading the message of life and love. It is celebrated when the whole state of Assam celebrates Rongali Bihu and at the same time Baisakhi and Pongal is celebrated in the states like Punjab and the southern parts of India.

Tradition is essential to one’s identity. Festivities reflects one such aspect of traditions. Bwisagu : a spring festival which cherishes life and love. Kokrajhar Govt. College hosts Pre-Bwisagu every year in the College to foster a sense of pride in one’s tradition among the students.

Every year on the month of September the Kokrajhar Govt. College Students’ Union welcomes the latest batch of brightest students with a series of performance, awards and events. The tradition can be traced back since the establishment of the college. It is the tradition of welcoming the newly admitted students in the college which helps them to be familiar with the college, their seniors and their teachers as well. The KGCSU hosts a very colorful programme on that day which is participated by the senior students who ensure an event loaded with fun, love, laughter and life with a plethora of events. The observation of the Fresher’s Social Day upholds the notion of unity in diversity and universal brotherhood amongst the various communities residing in the region. Kokrajhar Govt. College is the institution where students of different caste and communities come to accumulate knowledge. Just like all the different types and kinds of flowers make the garden very beautiful, the students of different castes make the college very colorful and beautiful which creates an environment of fraternity.

Ishan Chandra Mwshahary

The great Romantic poet Ishan Chandra Mwshahary is considered as one of the brightest stars of the Bodo literary community who belonged to the Missionary Era. He was born in 2nd December, 1915 in Thuribari village in a middle class family of Lt. Raitin Brahma and Lt.Gandari Brahma. He passed away at the early age of 25 while he was still pursuing B.Sc in Agriculture. Ishan Mushahary, in his short life, wrote several poems and short stories which were mostly of romantic theme. “Abari” was the first short story written by him which was published in the magazine “Hathorki Hala”. “Sonani Mala” and “Phami” are some of his self-composed poetry books. He was a nature-lover and wrote mainly on appreciating the beauty of nature and love theme. He also used figurative dictions in his poems based on poetic aestheticism. Some of the Bodo critics have compared his life with the great romantic poet John Keats as his life and works are very much similar. During their short life they could inspire, influence and mesmerize the society with their works. Had they lived more they would have contributed more in the field of literature.

    Every year Kokrajhar Govt. College Bodo Literary Society organizes a three-day long colorful youth festival on occasion of the birth anniversary of Ishan Mwshahary. The program is observed to celebrate the literary achievements of Ishan Mwshahary and to influence the students to follow his legacy on the fields of literature. Various colleges within the BTC region participate in the three-day long program. The program includes literary activities like on spot poem and short story writing, poem recitation, debates, extempore speech, symposium and cultural activities like singing, dancing, drama, skit, competition which is accompanied by a colourful cultural procession. The prizes of the competition are distributed to the winners on the last day.