Ph. D. details of Faculty Members
Kokrajhar Government College

(According to the chronological order of awarding year)

Sl No.NameDepartmentDate of AwardUniversityTopic of PhDSupervisor
1Dr. Dipa DeyChemistry2001Gauhati UniversityImmobilisation of
on Clay Surface
Prof. Krishna Gopal
Gauhati University
2Dr. Gunendra Kumar
History14th July,2009Gauhati UniversityThe Role of Nalbari
and Barpeta Districts of
Assam inthe Freedom
Movement of India
Prof.Bharati Barua
(Retd.),History,Gauhati University
3Dr. Hemanta Kumar DasFolklore31st August, 2009Gauhati UniversityAsomiya Aru Boro
Lokageet:Eti Tulanamulak
Dr. Basanta Kumar
Retd. HoD, Assamese,
Nalbari College
4Dr. Shibu BasakMathametics8th April, 2010University of
North Bengal
A Study on Interlocked
Multiplets in
Scattering Media
Using Discrete-
Ordinate Method
Prof. S.Karanjai,Mathematics,
University of
North Bengal
5Dr. Kabita PatowaryChemistry1st December, 2010Gauhati UniversityEffect of Mining
on the Quality of
Soil and Water
in the Coal Mining
Areas of Assam
Prof. Krishna Gopal
Chemistry, Gauhati University
6Dr. Shickna John WaryEnglish1st August, 2011Gauhati UniversityA Study of the
Exploration of Human
Experience in the Major
Fictions of William
Prof. Pradip Kr. Patra, English,
Bodoland University
Prof. Pradip Kr. Patra,
English, Gauhati University,
Kokrajhar Campus
(at the time of Supervising).
7Dr. Suresh Kumar NathChemical Sciences1st October, 2011Tezpur UniversityDevelopment of
Methods for Water
Enhancement of
Calcium Ion Activity in
Filter Bed or Column of
Lime Materials
Prof. Robin K. Dutta,
Tezpur University
8Dr. Basanta Kumar DasChemistry1st June, 2012Gauhati UniversityWater Quality
Evaluation in
the Kokrajhar
District of Bodoland
Territorial Council,
Prof. Krishna Gopal
Bhattacharyya, Chemistry,
Gauhati University
9Dr. Dimacha Dwibrang MwchaharyStatistics2nd September, 2013Gauhati UniversityDeforestation and
its Impacts
on Human Population:
A Study in Kokrajhar
District of Assam
Prof. Dilip Ch. Nath,
Vice- Chancellor,
Assam University (Presently).
Prof. Dilip Ch. Nath,
Statistics, Gauhati University
(at the time of Supervising).
10Dr. Ambeswar PhukonMathematical Science13th January, 2013Tezpur UniversityHyponormality
of Trigonometric
Toeplitz Operators on
Hilbert Spaces of
Analytic Functions
Prof. Munmun Hazarika,
Tezpur University
11Dr.Chinmoy BhattacharjeePhysics16th April, 2013Assam UniversityStudy of Light
Scattering Properties
of Cosmic Dust
Prof. Asoke Kumar Sen, Physics,
Assam University
12Dr. Bimal Kanti
History30th September, 2014University of
North Bengal
Status and Role
of Bodo Women
in the Northern
Part of Brahmaputra
Valley (1919-2003)
Prof. Ratna Ray Sanyal,
History, University
of North Bengal
13Dr.Gauri Sankar NarzaryGeography30th April, 2015North Eastern
Hill University
Forest Related
Activities for
Livelihood in
Ripu Reserve Forest
Prof. Surendra Singh,
Geography, North
Eastern Hill University
14Dr.Kamal BodosaEconomics19th October,2015North Eastern
Hill University
Crop Diversification
in Assam and the
Role of Technology
and Climatic
Special Reference to
Kokrajhar and
Dhemaji Districts
Prof. U.K. De,
North Eastern
Hill University
15Dr. Nirmali DasAssamese31st December,2015Gauhati UniversityAxamar Samajik-
Sangskritic Jiwanot
Sangkardevar Bhumika
Prof. Umesh Deka,
Rabindranath Tagore
and Director,GUINEIS,
Gauhati University
16Dr.Barhungkha MwchaharyPhilosophy18th January,2016SinghaniaA Study of Social
and Cultural
Impact of Bathou
Religion of the
Boro Community of
B.T.A.D. area, Assam
Dr. Ajit Basak,
Associate Professor,
Janata College
17Dr. Banabina BrahmaHistory14th November,2017University of North BengalIncorporation of
the Eastern Duars
to the Colonial Rule:
The Socio-Political
and Ethnic
of the Bodos
Dr. Ananda Gopal Ghosh,
Professor (Retd.), History,
University of
North Bengal
18Dr. Mainul HoqueChemistry27th December,2017University
of North Bengal
Viscosity Index
Improver and Pour
Point Depressant
Properties of
Additives for
Lubricating Oil
Prof. Pranab Ghosh,
Chemistry, University
of North Bengal
19Dr.Roselin BasumataryEconomics7th February,2018Bodoland UniversityGender Disparity in Education and
Economic Development
in Assam (An Analysis of
Baksa and
Kokrajhar Districts)
Prof. Manjit Das,
Bodoland University
Dr. Manjit Das,
Associate Professor,
Bodoland University
(at the time of
20Dr.Deepak BasumataryEnglish20th November,2018Bodoland UniversityTexting Liminality:
Disability and
Sexuality in the Major
Works of Firdaus Kanga
Prof. Pradip Kumar Patra, English,
Bodoland University
21Dr. Rajib Kr. SahaBengali1st February, 2019Gauhati UniversityThe Naxalite Movements
of Late 1960’s
and its Effect on
Mahasveta Devi’s Writings:
An Analytical Study
Dr. Prasanta Chakraborty,
Associate Professor, Bengali,
Cotton University
22Dr. Gautam MushaharyHistory25th March,2019Bodoland UniversitySocio-Political
Movements of
the Bodos in
Post Independence
Period (1947-2003)
Dr. Oinam Ranjit Sing,
Associate Professor,
Bodoland University
23Dr. Hiralal ChoudhuryBiotechnology22nd August,2019Bodoland UniversityA Study on the
Properties of
Deplai Beel Water
and its Influence on
the Macrophyte Flora-
A Case Study
Dr. Birendra Kr. Brahma,
Associate Professor
Bodoland University
24Dr. Mamata NarzaryPolitical Science9th July,2020Bodoland UniversityRole of All Bodo
Students’ Union and its
Impact on the
Politics of Assam
(From 1967 to 2016)
Prof. Jyotiraj Pathak,
Political Science,
Bodoland University
25Dr. Berlao Khungur
Political Science31st July,2020Bodoland UniversityThe Voting Behaviour
in BTAD Election:
2004 – 2016
Prof. Jyotiraj Pathak,
Political Science,
Bodoland University
26Dr. Susanta NarzaryHistory17th October,2020Bodoland UniversityVillages of Bodos:
A Study on
Socio-Economic, Cultural
Tradition and Change
(With Special
Reference to Undivided
Kokrajhar District
Dr. Oinam Ranjit Sing,
Associate Professor,
Bodoland University
27Dr.Kasturi ChakravartyHindi20th October,2020Assam UniversityVinod Kumar
Shukla Ke Upanyason Ka
Vishleshanatmak Adhyayan
Prof. Krishna Mohan Jha, Hindi,
Assam University