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Considering the significance of UNIFORM DRESS CODE in maintaining the discipline and excellence of educational institutions and in promoting the spirit of congeniality in a centre of learning, Kokrajhar Govt. College authority has introduced uniform dress code w.e.f. 2010-2011 academic session. The following is the detailed prescription with regard to the colour/combination of the dress materials:

A. Uniform for Girls
  • Dokhona                 : Lemon Yellow Ground with strip and Orange border

  •                                 : (Gwmw Daodwi Bidon, Gusuthi Jathi)

  • Fasra                       : Pink with blue stripe border [White Fasra for PG]

  • Blouse                    : Pink [White for PG]

  • Salwar                    : Pink [White for PG]

  • Kameez                  : White with pink piping up to knee length [pink for PG]

  • Chunni / Urna        : Pink chadar [White Chunni for PG]

  • Sweater/Blazer     : Black
B. Uniform for Boys
  • &null; Uniform for Boys (Trouser)– Deep Coffee for U.G & (Navy Blue for P.G)      :

  • Shirt      : White

  • Sweater/Blazer      : Black

  • Tie        : Deep Coffee with slanted white strips

C. Footwear :

  • Black

N.B. : Under no circumstances students will be allowed to wear dresses other than the prescribed uniform during the college hours.

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