कक्राझार सोरखारी फरायसालिमा
Estd. 1959, Affiliated to Gauhati University
Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics came into existence in the year 1964 with the joining of Late S. C. Das as the Head of the Department. But the department had to struggle for a long time to offer Honours/ Major Course due to its inadequate number of faculty members; and in 1990 only the same could be materialized. Since then the department dedicated in imparting knowledge based education in the concerned area. Following are the prides of the department.

Student Achievment
  • Miss Indira Priyadarshini Debnath, 1st Class 1st position in B.Sc.(GU) in 2010.
  • Miss Mamoni Dhar, 1st Class 2nd position in B.A.(GU) in 1992
Courses offered

H.S. level:

  • Elective Course (for both ARTS & SCIENCE)

Degree Level:

  • Major Course (for both ARTS & SCIENCE)
  • Elective Course (for both ARTS & SCIENCE)

PG Level: M.Sc. in mathematics

Faculty Member

Dr. S.Basak

M.Sc.(Gauhati University)
Ph.D (North Bengal Univeristy)

Designation:HoD & Associate Professor

Date of Joining:06/01/1990

Topics taught: Real Analysis, Calculus, Ring Theory etc.

Research Areab:Radiative Transfer(Theoretical Astrophysics

Dr. D. D. Mwchahary

M. Sc.(Gauhati University)

Designation:Assistant Professor

Date of Joining:06/05/1998

Topics taught: Geometry, Mechanics etc.

Research Area:Population and Environment.

Dr. A. Phukon

M. Sc.(Gauhati University)
Ph.D (Tezpur University)

Designation:Associate Professor

Date of Joining:27/02/2002

Topics taught: Functional Analysis, Algebra, Topology etc.

Research Area:Functional Analysis, Operator Theory

Mrs. P. Saikia

Mrs. P. Saikia

M.Sc., M.Phil.(Dibrugarh University)

Designation: Assistant Professor

Date of Joining:22/08/2012

Topics taught: Mechanics, Probability etc.

Mr. D. Kr. Chetry

M.Sc. (Gauhati University)

Designation:Assistant Professor

Date of Joining:06/09/2012

Topics taught:Mechanics, Hydrodynamics etc.

  • Ms. Jaba Rani Narzary, M.Sc.(Gauhati University), Contractual Faculty
  • Ms. Adrija Modak, M.Sc.(Gauhati University), Contractual Faculty
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