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Kokrajhar Govt. College Library

Kokrajhar Govt. College Library got its inception in 1959 along with the establishment of the college. The Library is located in the first floor of the Library Building.
The library is well-equipped with Text and Reference Books. There are also a good number of collections of Journals, Periodicals, and Encyclopedias etc. Many books which are out of print are also there in the Library. The books are preserved in fumigated chambers. At present the library has over 26,000 volumes.
The library remains open from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. during working days.
A student can borrow books from the library on production of Library Cards, which are issued to the students after admission. The library also has a reading room in the first floor of the building. In addition to the general library, some 18 (eighteen) departments of its college have their own Departmental Library.
For smooth functioning of the library, there is a Library Advisory Committee, which consists of ten members including four faculty members from teaching faculties. The structure of the committee is as below.

Library Committee

Chairperson: Principal
Vice-Chairperson: Vice-Principal
Convener: Librarian
i) 4 members from teaching faculties
ii) General and Assistant General Secretaries of College Students Union
iii) Office Superintendant
Ex-officio member: Coordinator, IQAC

Maximum number of book issued to the Students

The numbers of books to be issued to the students have been fixed as below.
• Higher secondary students : 2 each
• T.D.C. students : 4 (four) for Major students
• T.D.C. students : 2 (two) for General Course students
• Teaching faculty members: 10 (ten)
The Library Card issued to the students remains valid for one academic year. The card should be renewed every year.

A student can borrow books for a maximum period of 14 days from the date of issue. If he/she fails to return the same within the stipulated period, a fine of Rs. 2.00 per day to the next 14 days and Rs. 5.00 per day thereafter will be imposed.

Library Staff

1. Tapan kr. Das, Librarian
2. Ratindra Narzary, Library Technician
3. Pronoy Roy, Library Assistant
4. Sanjay Narzary, Library Bearer

Best practices of the library

  • Entry register is maintained to keep the record of the number of every day user.
  • Visitor diary is maintained.
  • Provide tips regarding preservation and conservation of documents and study materials.
  • Outside reader can use the library with due permission from the Librarian. But they are provide only with reading and photocopying facilities.

Facilities in the library

Kokrajhar Govt. College Library provides following facilities for the benefit of the student community and the teaching faculty in general.

  • Free Internet facilities for the users.
  • Open access system.
  • On-line public Access Catalogue (OPAC).
  • good collection of multiple copies of text books and other recommended books for the various courses offered in the college.
  • A wide range of reference documents such as Encyclopedias of various subjects, Dictionaries, Handbooks etc.
  • Light reading materials, fiction, humor books, art books, biographies etc.
  • A select list of Journals.
  • A good number of Competitive Examination related books in the reading room.
  • Recently purchased books are displayed in the new arrival shelve.
  • Journals & Periodicals subscribed by the library are displayed in the Journal section.
  • Dictionaries are kept in the stands for readers use.
  • Seven news papers are displayed in the reading room.
  • Internet browsing facility is available for all.
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