The College has hostel facility for boys and girls with limited seats. Hostel seats are allotted at the time of admission on the basis of merit. Students seeking admission to the hostel need to show their preference in Admission Form at the time of submission of their applications.

    The College has two (2) hostels for boys one for HS students (25 seats) located in the College campus named Sujit Narzary Boys’ Hostel and another for degree students (34 seats) named Satish Chandra Basumatary Boys’ Hostel located in South Tengapara/ Habrubari.

    The College has one hostel for girl’s (82 seats) which is located near the north-eastern corner of the College/KDSA field. Its name is Martyr Gaide Girls’ Hostel.

    The College provides minimum facilities in the matters of utensils, furniture, newspapers but not electricity bulb to individual students for study/ reading purpose.

    Details of hostel rules and regulations, management system and mess system are elaborated in the Hostel Bulletin, which is provided to the selected candidates during admission to the College.

Hostel images
Boys' Hostel

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Kokrajhar Govt. College Boys' Hostel Old Campus
Kokrajhar Govt. College Satish Chandra Basumatary Boys' Hostel
Girls' Hostel

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Kokrajhar Govt. College Martyr Gaide Girls' Hostel
Kokrajhar Govt. College Martyr Gaide Girls'Hostel <br />(Inside View)

Hostel Superintendents

Boys hostel-1: Dr. Gauri shankar Narzary
Boys hostel -2: Dr. Gautam Mushahary
Girls hostel : Mrs. Sunita Sarma

Hostel Superintendents

Sl. NoPhotoName of the Hostel SuperintendentsName of the Hostel
1. Dr. Gauri shankar Narzary Dr. Gauri Sankar Narzary"Satish Chandra Basumatary Boys' Hostel"
(Boys Hostel-1)
2. Dr. Gautam Mushahary Dr. Gautam Mushahary"Boys' Hostel Old Campus"
(Boys Hostel-2)
3. Dr. Nijira Brahma Dr. Nijira Brahma"Martyr Gaide Girls' Hostel"
(Girls Hostel)
4. Ms. Rupali Khakhlary Ms. Rupali Khakhlary"Martyr Gaide Girls' Hostel"
(Girls Hostel)
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